Can I use a last click attribution to see how people access my site

Using Google Analytics, PureTargeting can provide information about how customers entered your site. It will group all customers who clicked a link with the same campaign tag and display them under reports and then campaigns. This is can be used to measure the last click that customers used to get to your site. You can […]

Why didn’t a customer receive my email?

PureTargeting stores a log of all events relating to every site visitor, which you can find under reports then shoppers. You can browse the list, but to find a specific person you need to enter their full email address in the search box at the top. Once the address has been found, you’ll be presented […]

How do I prevent abandonment emails sending if someone has purchased recently?

If someone purchases a product, but subsequently returns to your site and browses a product, or carts something, they could receive an abandonment email (based on the settings in your account and their history). By default, the system will suppress these sends for 24 hours after a purchase (this is configurable under settings, settings home then abandonment […]

Why do the emails sent to my catch-all address all look the same?

When you are setup to send triggers to a catch-all address (the default state when you first create Pure Targeting constructs an email as it would for the customer, including the products they had in their cart. The cart is uploaded to a field in the system, or it will pull the content from a […]