BIMI (Brand Indicator for message identification)

BIMI (Brand Indicator for message identification) We support and are rolling out BIMI, which is a powerful technology building upon the existing architecture of DMARC. The pilot picks up and runs with DMARC, it requires a policy of quarantine or above to enable this to work. Requirements: • DMARC policy of quarantine or above. • […]

Glossary: Deliverability

Blacklist – These are lists that ISPs use to mark you as a sender of unsolicited email. Getting on one of these lists can make it very difficult to get your emails delivered, and getting removed from them can be very tricky. Block – When mailbox providers such as Gmail or Hotmail reject mail from […]

Setting up a Branded Sending Domain

Why do you need a Branded Sending Domain? Setting up a Branded Sending Domain (also known as domain Masking) is the process of applying a custom domain as the from/reply-to address for an email campaign. It allows your brand to appear in the email header and links within the email – improving deliverability and open rates. Each […]

Our Complete Guide to Email Deliverability

What is email deliverability Email deliverability is the measure of how successfully you’re able to get your emails delivered to your recipient’s inboxes. It’s a simple concept, however terminology such as feedback loops, blacklists, DKIM can become a little confusing and even daunting. However the reality is that if you follow simple best practice advice […]

What is a DMARC?

Why do you need DMARC? DMARC is a relatively new method for assisting with deliverability for email marketing. It’s being implemented worldwide and many organisations are using this to help them in their defence against the ever rising tide of emails with questionable content or intent. Pure360 are working on Best Practice guides and we […]

Improving your email marketing results

This guide explains a few simple things you can do to improve your email marketing results. To make this easier, we’ve divided it into four main categories. Make sure you have a look at our webinars which cover lots of different topics relating to improving your results. Pure360 also offer a wide range of services that can […]

Results of your data check

Invalid Addresses These are addresses that have been re-purposed for use of testing or are no longer accepting mail, but may not necessarily bounce, and are therefore dragging down your results. Spam Traps We have a list of email addresses and domains which are known spam traps, known to host spam traps or manage blacklist […]

Warming your dedicated IP

What is IP warming and why is it important? ISPs like Hotmail and Gmail use the IP address that you send from as one of the key factors to determine whether to deliver your mail to recipients inboxes, their junk, or even reject it completely. If you suddenly start sending large volumes of traffic from […]