Drag & Drop Editor

Making your first Drag & Drop email

We understand that moving away from a familiar method to something new can be daunting, which is why we have put thousands of hours into designing the Pure360 Drag & Drop Editor, so that it is the simplest and most user friendly email editor on the market today, without any compromise on capability and features. […]

How Saved Components can save you time

One of the most time saving sections of the Drag & Drop Editor is the ‘Saved Component’ area. If, for instance, you have a standard header or footer which you frequently use in your emails, you may find creating it each time becomes time consuming. Saved Component makes this process much easier and quicker. Once […]

Make your message modular

As a marketer, you want to be able to create an email as fast and as easily as possible. In recent times, email HTML developers have been constructing frameworks that enable you to quickly and easily (with a touch of HTML know-how) take large sections of your email, move them around, duplicate and remove them […]

Create text defaults for fast and consistent styling

The Pure360 Drag & Drop Editor has been specifically designed with the marketer in mind. We know that marketers are time and resource poor, often juggling a hundred tasks at once, whilst trying to also create industry-leading, consistent and on-brand marketing emails. Taking the above into account, we have designed the Drag & Drop Editor […]

Drag & Drop Editor FAQs

Q. Are all the emails created responsive? A. Yes. All emails created using the D&DE will be responsive; the messages will automatically adapt to look amazing on smart phones, tablets and desktop computers. Q. Can I see and edit the HTML of my message? A. The HTML is not available to be edited. Q. Can […]

Recommendation Blocks

Make your emails stand out from the crowd with product recommendation blocks, which allow you to display real time personalised content in your emails. Features include: Dynamic content for hyper-personalised communications Open-time formatting so that the content and products in your emails can be changed, even after sending Individual, personal recommendations based on browsed and purchased […]

Hide content on mobile view in the Drag & Drop editor

Either select edit on an existing Drag & Drop message or to go messages, then new email message and select Drag & Drop editor from the drop down. Highlight the component you’d like to hide on mobile. Select the three dots icon to open the additional options and click on the hide on mobile button. […]

Adding social media icons to a message in the Drag & Drop editor

Either select edit on an existing Drag & Drop message, or to go messages, then new email message and select Drag & Drop editor from the drop down. Select the components tab on the top right to open the sidebar menu. From the blocks section of the menu, select the social block and drag it […]

Making an email link start a phone call

To make a link or a button action launch a phone call instead of linking to web page, simply put the telephone number in as the text of a button and add the number in as a link with a prefix of tel: , and where possible inboxes will make it a tappable phone link. Note […]

Colouring individual text links in the Drag & Drop and Visual Editor

Whilst the Drag and Drop editor will allow you set link styles for the whole message, you may decide to change the colour of an individual text link. You highlight it and change the colour, like any other text. If you notice that when you have highlighted and changed the colour of the linked text, […]

Why should I use the Upload Library?

The upload library can be used to host a multitude of files for use in your email marketing campaigns, including email creative, images and even landing pages. We recommend that all images used in your email content are stored in the Upload Library. Using it allows for easy use and integration as the built-in user […]