Integrate your account with FastStats

Download our installation guide here Our aim at Pure360 is to integrate with external systems to make the transition of data to and from a fulfilment channel as seamless and simple as possible. Pure360 integrates with your FastStats system by utilising SOAP and HTTP/S protocols for secure, near real-time communications. For a one off broadcast, [...]

Integrate PureCampaign with Zapier

Introduction to our Zapier integration Our integration with Zapier allows you to connect your PureCampaign account to hundreds of your favourite apps, from Magento to WordPress. To see some of the apps you can link to PureCampaign, visit the Zapier workflow ideas for Pure360 page.   What can you do with our Zapier integration? Pure360’s Zapier […]


We understand the importance of integrating your marketing data tools to ensure your email campaigns are intelligent and effective as possible. We have an Open API, allowing any application with the ability to send web requests to communicate with our system for building your own integrations, as well as many ‘out-of-the-box’ integrations, built from the […]