Lists & Data

How can I unsubscribe a single email address?

Go to Lists and then Search Individual Contacts. Enter the email address and click Search. Click the Edit button next to the address – you can then click unsubscribe from profile. You can also download your search results as a csv file using the Export button.

Logins and Profiles Explained

Your Pure360 account will be broken down into 3 main parts: Your Account Profiles Logins Your Account will be the overall Company name that we associate your invoice information to. When you log in to the user interface to view Messages and Lists, you will be logging in to one of your profiles. Think of the […]

Suppression Files

Sometimes you may need to upload a list of records which you want to suppress from ever being sent to from your profile. There is an easy way of doing this: we call it an __OPTOUT__ list. This is uploaded in the same way as any other list, except the name of the list tells […]

Uploading a Contact List

First go to the lists page and then click on import contacts. You will now be presented with the list upload page.  You will need to enter a name for your list. Then you need to choose from one of the options of how you wish to upload your list File upload Either drag a file directly from your computer […]

Segment your Data

Segments allow you to divide your contact lists into segments and target these addresses separately. To create a segment follow the step by step guide below. Create a Segment – Step by Step In the lists section find the list you would like to filter. In the lists options click on the Segment button to create a new segment. Give the new […]

Searching your Contacts

Searching for users with a specific status To export all contacts with a certain status, for example all users that have opted out, go to lists then search individual contacts. Use the drop-down to choose the relevant status, then click search. You will then be given a list of all contacts in that status, and the option to export […]

Add a Single Record to a Contact List

To add a single email address to an existing contact list, first ensure you’re in the lists section of your account. Find the list that you want to add an address to, and click on the settings icon to reveal the list options. Select add a record. On the next page you will be able to add the […]

Append Multiple Records to a List

Go to lists to view your existing contact lists. Click on the settings  icon to view the different list options. The append button allows you to add a list of additional email addresses to an existing contact list, which will be de-duplicated for you upon upload. You will now be presented with the list upload page. Choose from one of […]

Clean your Contact List

When you send campaigns through Pure360, everyone that unsubscribes or hard bounces is suppressed from receiving any more emails from the profile they were emailed from. Rather than deleting your records however, Pure360 simply changes their status to ensure they are no longer active. Over time this can lead to an increasing amount of contacts in […]

Signup Forms

Sign-up forms are the best & safest way to build your list with consenting contacts. PureCampagin provides you with the html code for a secure and GDPR compliant sign-up form to add to your website. Each form includes reCaptcha and double optin. Generating a signup form Every list in your account will have a “signup […]

Hosting a signup form on your Facebook page

Adding a signup form to your Facebook page is easy- you can use our standard html signup form that links to your list within Pure360, and simply host this within a simple iframe tab. There are lots of these available, this is one that a lot of our customers have been using recently, and it […]

What is a preference centre and why should I have one?

A preference centre is a form that allows your recipients to control the emails you send them. You could offer them the choice between different categories of content, or to change the frequency they receive emails from you. They could also be used just to check you have the most up to date information in […]

Marketing Consent

As the holder of the data you are the ‘data controller’. When you send your contacts messages via mediums like email and SMS you are ‘processing’ that data for that purpose. In order to upload new contacts into PureCampaign you are asked to confirm that you can prove lawful basis to process that data you […]