Comparing Google Analytics and PureCampaign reports

Google Analytics and PureCampaign use two separate methodologies to measure clickthroughs. Pure360 uses individual click redirection where all traffic is routed through our server with a unique identifier before redirecting onto the final page. Google Analytics appends a query string onto the end of URLs and which is picked up by a module installed on […]

View Summary Results

The Summary Results section allows you to view top level statistics for your profile. For example, you might want to view the average open rate over the course of a whole month. To view a summary of your campaign results, go to reports, and the summary results will appear at the top. Change the date […]

Overview of Reporting

Click on reports to view your reports page. The summary of campaign performance page will give you an overview of the performance of your campaigns over time. If you want to view specific campaign reports go to the email campaign reports section. There you can click on the message name to view your report. There […]

Using the Heatmap to understand recipient behaviour

  Within your reporting, you’ll be able to see where and how your recipients have engaged with your email. To view, first go to your reports and select the campaign you want to look at. In the report, select the clicks tab, then the heatmap tab.     The email will be displayed with a […]

Glossary of Export Report Fields

To export your reporting click through the following links. Once you have exported your report you’ll get a .csv that looks like this. To help identify what the header terms mean please refer to the below reference. Email Address = The individual email address that has triggered either reading the email, clicking links, opting out […]

Advanced Reports search & save

Pure Campaign’s Reports feature is a powerful tool providing insight to the success of your marketing campaigns. From campaign overview statistics drilling right down to individual recipient behaviour. This new feature allows users to filter their results set to focus on: Only campaigns with Message Name or List key words (e.g. all “weekly” or “Promo” […]

One to One Reports

Most of your automated triggers are sent as a “one to one” which is a fully tracked campaign but to one person. This will most commonly be from sign-up automations and PureTargeting abandoned browser & cart emails. It will also include any triggers sent via the API by integrated systems. Whilst you will already have […]

Geolocation reporting

Geo location reporting provides a view on the top countries and cities your recipients are located in. This information is gathered by the last IP address used to open your email. Each country can be select on the map to provide a more detailed view of where recipients opened your emails at a city level. […]