Intelligent Timed Sending

Intelligent Timed Sending (ITS) allows you to send emails to individuals based around what time they’re most likely to engage, with the aim to increase your open rate. To activate this, all you need to do is tick the checkbox enable for optimal inbox placement on stage three of the campaign schedule process, and it’ll be […]

Dynamic Reply

Who is it for? Those of you who want to send one campaign but have each recipient on the list(s) receive their email personally from their own contact at your brand and have replies go back to each of them directly. How does it work? Personalise the Sender-name & sender-address prefix for each contact, making […]

Re-send Your Email to Non Openers

A really handy way of ensuring as many people as possible see your emails is to set up a re-send to everyone that didn’t open the campaign when it was first sent. When you’re scheduling your campaign, as usual, go to campaigns and then select new email campaign. First you need to select your message, then the […]

Schedule your Campaign

Schedule your first campaign. Once you have uploaded a list and created a message you will be able to schedule your first campaign. You can do this from the dashboard or from Campaigns > Schedule your Campaign This takes you into the ‘Campaign flow’. This has 3 steps, where you choose your Message, List and Options: […]

Deleting a campaign that’s been scheduled

To cancel a particular campaign please click on campaign button the main task bar. On this screen you can view all pending campaigns.  You can delete a specific pending campaign by clicking on the dropdown by the edit button and selecting delete.

Approver Module

The purpose of the Approver Module is to enable marketing managers to have final sign-off on campaigns before they send.   Set-up With the approver module enabled, a login can be made an ‘approver’ of all campaigns sent from a specific profile (or profiles). A profile can have more than one approver. Once enabled, we […]

Target your recipients based on engagement

Why date based filters are so important Your most engaged customers are likely to be your highest value customers. Being able to identify and organise your customers is integral to successful email marketing. Every inbox has certain algorithms in place that track engagement (opens) and the more opens you get the more likely you are […]

Website analytics tracking

In step 1 of the message flow, PureCampaign gives you the opportunity to add additional web tracking code to the end of your links. This enables you to integrate, track and attribute your email traffic more efficiently when they get to your site and move around.   Google Analytics (GA) Tick this box to enable […]