SMS Campaign Reports and 121 reports

Once you have sent an SMS campaign you will of course want to see how it performed. This can be discovered in Reports… Go to Reports, open the sub-nav menu then choose SMS Campaigns You will have a list of all of the reports and some top level stats for each You can export all […]

Schedule an SMS campaign

Once you have your list of SMS contacts and an SMS message, you can send an SMS campaign. Go to Campaigns in the top-nav and hit New SMS Campaign This will take you into the SMS campaign flow. Choose Message The first thing is to choose a message. If the message you want is not […]

SMS introduction

In PureCampaign you can send SMS messages just like you can send email messages. Upload a list of SMS contacts. Make an SMS message. Schedule a campaign. Read the reports. You will need enough SMS credits to send a campaign. You can check your email & SMS credit balance by opening the ‘Profile menu” in […]

SMS Editor

You can find your SMS messages from the Messages sub-nav bar after clicking Messages from the top-nav. Your SMS messages page is the same as most pages A button to make a new SMS message A list of all of your SMS messages (if you have a any) You can edit any message When you […]