Your Account

FAQ: Your Account

Q. How do I purchase Credits? A. When sending emails, it costs one email credit to send one email, and it costs one sms credit to send one sms. If you would like more credits, contact your account manager, or email They will also be able to tell you the different rates for credits […]

Logins and Profiles

Your Pure360 account will be broken down into 3 main parts: Your Account Profiles Logins Your Account will be the overall Company name that we associate your invoice information to. When you log in to the user interface to view Messages and Lists, you will be logging in to one of your profiles. Think of the […]

Accessing account details in the platform

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see an overview of your latest campaign report as well as your recently sent campaigns. The new email campaign button allows you to start setting up your campaigns straight from the homepage. In the menu over the top you can navigate between your lists, messages, campaigns and reports. Clicking on your username in the […]

System Updates and Release Notes

8.135 release 10th February 2020 Improved Journey access When you click the ‘Automations’ top nav menu button, you will land on the Journey page instead of the Automations page. Improved Journeys & Automations splash page If you do not have any Journeys or Automations the page you see will now look more like the other […]

Supported Browsers

Our principle is to support a defined set of browsers so that we can focus on providing the majority of customers with the best possible experience. The browsers mentioned below can be considered our ‘Priority 1’ browsers. These browsers account for a majority of user visits to our application. All functionality throughout the platform should […]