Action Required: DNS Migration – 10th of May 2022

What is my Pure360 custom domain?

It will form part of the from/reply-to address for an email campaign. It allows your brand to appear in the email header and links within the email – improving deliverability and open rates.

Each profile in Pure360 has one Branded Sending Domain. This domain or subdomain is managed by you, for the sole purpose of emailing via Pure360.

Why do you need to make these changes?

As part of our continued commitment to reviewing and improving our infrastructure, we will require a small change to the DNS configuration of the subdomain or domain you use when sending emails from Pure360.

On the 10th of May 2022, support for the old A record will be removed. If the changes have not been made, links in old emails will stop working, and you will see a new domain when a recipient clicks a link within one of your marketing emails.

If you make the required changes, you will see no impact to your usual service.

What changes are required?

You will use a subdomain/domain similar to:

Within the current set up, you will have the following A record:

We require you to create a new entry for both of the following A Records:

Once this has propagated, remove the old record.

Who can help me with this?

Please reach out to our support team for more details or assistance.

When should I make this change?

As soon as possible, however it’s worth making sure that no email campaigns are in progress as you make this change.