Getting Started

Getting Started

Follow the our walkthoughs below to get an overview of how to navigate around the platform, upload and manage your data, create messages and send your campaigns.

1. Introduction to the platform

Read our guide below to see a step by step guide on how to navigate around your account and the key areas you’ll need.

2. Upload a list and manage your contacts

To send to your contacts you’ll need to upload their email addresses into Pure360.

The guides below will help you get started.

3. Create your email content

Now you’ve uploaded your data, but what are you going to send?

If you’ve got a message you’ve already built, you may want to simply upload this to Pure360 and start sending, in which case we’ve got a guide below for our html editor and how to use this.

Alternatively, you may find it’s simpler to use our Drag & Drop editor, so there’s a guide to get you up and running on that as well.

4. Send your campaign and viewing reports

You’ve uploaded your list and created your message, now you are ready to schedule your campaign.

Follow the below guides to get sending, and also to see how to look at the results once they’ve sent.

What’s next?

Once you’re familiar with the basics, check out our Guides section where you’ll find detailed information and tips and tricks to improve your email campaigns.