What is Spotler Mail+?

Thank you for being a part of the Pure360 community! As you may already know, we are bidding farewell to Pure360, and now, with your best interest in mind, we're paving the way for an enhanced and feature-rich email service provider, Spotler Mail+. In this article we will share the main features and advantages of the tool and some links where you can find out more.

1. About Spotler Mail+
Our user-friendly platform offers a range of functionalities designed to allow you to communicate in a personal and relevant matter through segmentation and real-time insights. Create professional newsletters effortlessly using our drag-and-drop editor, ensuring a responsive design that aligns with your brand. Or set up automations sending the right message at the right time.

2. Features that empower
Spotler Mail+ goes beyond conventional email marketing. Explore the automation editor to create advanced campaigns triggered by a variety of user actions. Target specific audiences with ease using our segmentation capabilities and dynamic content.
Here's what you can look forward to:
• Fast and efficient for list uploads and campaign sends
• Audience segmentation and tagging
• Quickly assemble emails and templates with an easy-to-use “drag and drop” editor, including Undo/Redo
• Advanced Automation journey building with ready-to-go templates including welcome campaigns, lead nurturing campaigns, event invites or win-back campaigns
• Standard integrations to CRM, CDP (Customer Data Platform) and eCommerce platforms
• Easily create and integrate forms and surveys to engage your audience

3. Seamless integrations
We understand the importance of integration. Spotler Mail+ connects with various systems, including CRM, CDP, and eCommerce platforms. Learn more about the available integrations here: https://spotler.co.uk/integrations.
Real-time synchronization ensures targeted communication, making your campaigns even more relevant and effective.

4. Migration timeline
The transition to Spotler Mail+ is set to be completed by September 2024. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth migration process for you with minimum disruption to your existing marketing operations. The process will take around 3 weeks to move your account from Pure360 to Spotler Mail+. We can go quicker or slower depending on your requirements. Your dedicated project manager will guide you with a progress plan, timeline and status updates. In most cases we do all the work, but we will always contact you when we need your decision or your action. For those eager to start the journey now, feel free to get in touch with you account manager.

Ready to explore the endless possibilities with Spotler Mail+? Learn more about our platform and start your migration journey by visiting the Spotler website: https://spotler.co.uk/platform/email-marketing