How do I migrate from Pure360 to Spotler Mail+?

We are bidding farewell to Pure360, and now, with your best interest in mind, we're paving the way for an enhanced and feature-rich email service provider, Spotler Mail+. In this article we will share with you the steps to migrate from Pure360 to Spotler Mail+ so that you're daily marketing activities are not affected by the process.


About Spotler Mail+
Spotler Mail+ is a feature-rich platform designed to elevate your email marketing strategy. With its easy-to-use interface, advanced automation, and seamless integrations, it offers a superior email communication experience.


Steps to migrate
Our migration roadmap has been created to ensure a smooth transition to Spotler Mail+. From the initial demonstration to going live, we've outlined 12 steps, each designed to minimize disruption to your existing marketing operations. Here's what to expect:

1. Spotler Mail+ demonstration conducted by our team.
2. Agree requirements - instances, users, volume, and template
3. Align your contract
4. Create your Spotler Mail+ Account
5. Training with our dedicated Professional Services team
6. Migrate contacts, unsubscribes, and opt-outs
7. Recreate your email template(s)
8. Re-pointing of DNS records for your domain
9. Migrate your preference centre
10. Test Sends
11. Customer Sign Off
12. Go live!


Who will support you during the migration?
Throughout this journey, our dedicated team of experts will be by your side:
Spotler Mail+ project manager: Your main point of contact, coordinating the entire process.
Existing account manager: Keeping you informed and ready to assist as needed.
Creative team: Rebuilding your templates for a fresh look.
Professional services team: Delivering top-notch training.
Technical team: Securely handling your data migration.
Your guidance will be essential to ensure the best outcomes for your unique needs.


How long does it take to upgrade to Spotler Mail+?
The migration process is estimated to take around 3 weeks, tailoring the speed to your requirements. Your dedicated project manager will provide a progress plan, timeline, and regular status updates. While we handle most of the work, we'll always reach out when your decision or action is needed.

Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Get in touch with your account manager to start your migration to Spotler Mail+. You can contact our Account Management team by emailing