FAQs Migration from Pure360 to Spotler Mail+

1. What happens to all my old campaign data?
You will have full access to see your old campaign stats from within the Pure360 platform for a period of 3 months so campaign history can be exported.

2. Will you move all my lists?
We will work with you to determine which lists you need to bring across rather than just all the lists you have as some may be old and no longer required.

3. What about my opt outs?
Within the data migration we will be bringing across those contacts marked as opted in, opted out, and those that are undeliverable so you can continue to be GDPR compliant and secure there is no degradation of your data.

4. How secure is the new environment?
Spotler Mail+ has an ISO27001 accreditation which means we are taking you to a premium infrastructure where your data is protected and secure.

5. How many templates can you move?
As part of the migration, we will support up to 3 templates to be rebuilt for you in the new platform, but if you have more requirements or new requirements we can discuss this with you and agree a plan.

6. What if I am using forms on my website that feed into Pure360?
We will also help you transition those forms over to Spotler Mail+ or help you rebuild new ones within your new account.

7. What about my Automation Journeys?
We will discuss as part of the briefing call what journey’s you have set up and what you will need us to help transfer and rebuild for you in the new platform.

8. Is it going to cost more?
There is no additional monthly fee for moving over to Spotler Mail+ unless you want to increase the volume of emails you need to send to. There is a requirement for a 12-month remaining term on your agreement with us.