Report export column names

Once you have exported your report you’ll get a .csv that looks like this.


To help identify what the header terms mean please refer to the below reference.

  1. Email Address = The individual email address that has triggered either reading the email, clicking links, opting out or being blocked

  2. Tracking Type = EMAIL (clicked to open email), EMAIL_LINK (clicked the link in URL), OPT_OUT (clicked the unsub link), BLOCKED (mail refused by their server)

  3. Tracking Description = Description for why something’s been blocked etc.

  4. URL = The URL which was clicked in relation to EMAIL_LINK

  5. Unique Hits = How many times that link has been clicked in total by all subscribers

  6. Repeat Hits = Total number of times the link has been clicked once or more than once across all subscribers

  7. Tracking Count = Total number of times this specific subscriber has clicked this link

  8. Tracking Date = The datestamp of when this event was logged.