Why Didn’t A Customer Receive My Email?

Our Personalisation platform stores a log of all events relating to every site visitor, which you can find under
reports then shoppers. You can browse the list, but to find a specific person you need to enter their full
email address in the search box at the top.

Once the address has been found, you’ll be presented with their data (email address, plus their
name if the system as been able to capture it, and any other data we capture).

Under the audit log, you will find a list of the events and actions relating to this person. There are four types of entry:

Event – recorded actions relating to this person, e.g. page views, cart visits, checkout completion;
Signal – generated by events that the system considers important, e.g. basket abandonment
Action – things the system has done, e.g. sent an email, loaded details to a list
Trace – detailed breakdown of particular activities, typically for system diagnosis, e.g. the decision
why an email was sent or not

Using the audit log, you’ll be able to able to review the entire history of that email address, and get an understanding on exactly what was sent to them and why.