Website Analytics Tracking

In step 1 of the message flow, PureCampaign gives you the opportunity to add additional web tracking code to the end of your links. This enables you to integrate, track and attribute your email traffic more efficiently when they get to your site and move around.



Google Analytics (GA)

Tick this box to enable the default GA tracking. You can also make it enabled by default for all new messages from the Manage Profile page.

With this box ticked, all of your links will be additionally tracked with GA’s three mandatory “utm codes”. Your site’s GA account will pick them and use them to log that traffic so that you can find, categorise and attribute traffic from all and specific campaigns in Google Analytics.

The default GA tracking will supply GA with the following utm code values per link:

utm_campaign: [the name of your message]

utm_source: “emailCampaign”

utm_medium: “email”

Alternative analytics

This allows you to add your own custom tracking codes for link appending.

This text box requires a valid query string, ie: name=value&name=value etc.
You do not need to add a ? or an & at the start, PureCampaign will organise all of that at the point of send.

  • If for instance you would like to add the two other GA utm codes to your links this is where you would paste them.

  • If you want different GA values to the default GA tracking values, untick the GA box and paste your own query string in containing all of the utm value you want.
    eg: utm_campaign=MyCampaign&utm_source=pure360&utm_content=MyMessage&utm_term=MySubject&utm_medium=email

  • If you have added your own GA codes to the alternate box, ensure you have unchecked the GA box, otherwise you will get both which will have inconsistent results.