RFE Segments

What is RFE?

Our RFE dashboard helps you to understand customer behaviour by dividing customers into segments based on their email behaviour. You can identify engaged customers and those who are disengaged and tailor your marketing accordingly. RFE stands for:

  • Recency – how recently a subscriber has interacted with your emails

  • Frequency – how frequently a subscriber has interacted with your emails 

  • Engagement – using recency and frequency how engaged a subscriber is

To calculate RFE we analyse your email behavioural data (opens and clicks) for each subscriber.

How can you use RFE?

Each of your customers will be classified into a segment based on their RFE score. We create the RFE segments for you within your list so you can target them with different tactics with the aim of increasing their engagement over time. 

For example, you could set up an automation to target subscribers in the ‘losing them’’ segment with a strong discount or test calls to action to the ‘Active’ segment to move them to ‘Engaged’. 

How do we calculate RFE Scores

Using your email behavioural data we give every customer a Recency and Frequency score for both opens and clicks. The scoring variables are agreed with you during the setup and onboarding phase. We appreciate that every business is different, so our custom approach to RFE modelling enables us to set it up precisely for you.

  • ‘Engaged’ subscriber example

    • Recency – Have opened an email in the last 10 days

    • Recency – Have clicked an email in the last 20 days

    • Frequency – Have opened 5 or more times in the last 50 days

    • Frequency – Have clicked 5 or more times in the last 70 days

  • ‘Losing them’ subscriber example

    • Recency – Have not opened an email in the last 30 days

    • Recency – Have not clicked an email in the last 50 days

    • Frequency – Have not opened or clicked more than 3 times in the last 100 days


RFE Segments

We categorise customers into 4 segments based on the following scoring.

Segment nameRecencyFrequency
EngagedRecently clickedFrequently to infrequently clicked
ActiveRecently openedFrequently to infrequently opened
Losing themNot recently openedNot frequently opened
LostNot opened in a significant amount of timeNot frequently opened

RFE Best Practice

For each RFE segment use a range of strategies and best practice to drive increased engagement and improve the customer experience. To get an idea of how these RFE segments can inform your marketing strategy, we’ve included some of the common tactics below. To find out how you can apply these tactics to your business and for further advice, contact your Customer Success Manager.


  • Offer perks for being such engaged subscribers to keep them in this segment

  • Involve your engaged subscribers in events 


  • Offer mild discounts to these subscribers to get them more engaged

  • Test calls to action in emails to improve the click through rate

Losing them

  • Test subject lines in emails to these subscribers to increase open rates

  • Offer strong discounts and offers to increase their engagement


  • Test your very best offers on these subscribers to increase engagement 

  • Try other channels like Facebook Audiences to re-engage subscribers