Approver Module

The purpose of the Approver Module is to enable marketing managers to have final sign-off on campaigns before they send.



With the approver module enabled, a login can be made an ‘approver’ of all campaigns sent from a specific profile (or profiles). A profile can have more than one approver.

Once enabled, we will work with you to decide the approval structure for your logins; mainly who should be approving campaigns and who should require their campaigns approving.


Scheduling a campaign for Approval


Any campaign scheduled by a user who is not an approver will be flagged to request approval at the end of the flow.

Once the flow is completed, the campaign will appear in the campaign page as ‘pending approval’.



Approvers of that profile will receive an email informing them of the pending campaign.

The campaign will not begin until it has been approved.


Approving a campaign



Approvers can then login to the group profile from the profile dropdown in the top right. You can then open the Group Approver page, review the campaign and choose to approve the campaign or reject it and supply feedback.

If approved, the campaign will be released as usual and the user who scheduled the campaign will receive an email to notify them.
Every time you submit to approve a campaign, you will be asked to confirm before the campaign is approved.


Rejecting a campaign



If rejected, the campaign will be labelled as ‘rejected’, along with the rejection reason, in the Campaigns page of its profile.
The user who scheduled the campaign will receive an email to notify them, and the campaign can then be deleted manually if desired.


Overdue campaigns




If a campaign is not approved in time for its scheduled release date/time, it will be labelled as ‘overdue’.

As an approver, when you approve an overdue campaign it will start immediately. You will be asked to confirm and at that point you will be reminded again that it will start straight away.



As an approver, if you need to choose a new release date/time: reject the campaign and use the rejection notes to ask your colleague to reschedule with a new date/time.
When scheduling a campaign as an approver, none of your campaigns will need approving.


How to get the Approver Module

A user can be set up to be an approver for all profiles in the account or the profiles they are assigned to.

If you would like to this approver functionality or would like to find out more about it, please contact us via contact customer support in your account.