One To One Reports

Most of your automated triggers are sent as a ‘one to one’ which is a fully tracked campaign but to one person. This will most commonly be from sign-up automations and abandoned browser & cart emails. It will also include any triggers sent via the API by integrated systems.

Whilst you will already have grouped reporting for your sign-up automations and abandon cart messages, users will have reporting inside of our Personalisation platform, this is where you find out about each individual email.

To get there, simply navigate to Reports then choose Email one-to-one from the sub-bar dropdown.




Once you are there, you will see a list of all One to Ones sent from this profile, ordered by the most recent first.
Including the message name, when it was sent, who it was sent to and if it was delivered, opened & clicked.
You can also preview each message.



You can search by contact address. So you can find one specific contact to see if they have received the email and what they did with it or you could enter just part of the address, like the domain, to see a list of all matching sent messages.



The export button will export to csv; either only the messages which match your search or all of them if you have not performed a search.

More detailed drill down data on each message is coming soon.



Q: Why won’t the preview work on my older One to Ones?
A: The content sent with a One to One is archived earlier than for campaign reports. So after about 6 months, you will not be able to see a preview of a sent One to One, if you notice this, don’t worry, nothing is broken.

Q: What if someone was already opted out and the One to One wasn’t sent?
A: This report will only show One to Ones that were actually sent, so most will have that tick in the ‘sent’ column, those that were sent but not delivered, will have the red ‘x’ and you can hover to see why – commonly it will be a bounce of some kind.