SMS Messages

Questions this guide will answer:

  • How do I find my existing SMS messages?

  • How do I create a new SMS message?

  • How can I change the default message added by the template?

  • How can I change the sender name?

Before sending an SMS out, you’ll first need to create the message which will be broadcast. SMS messages are much simpler
Before you get started, it’s a good idea to find any SMS messages you already have. To navigate to the SMS messages homepage, go to the ‘Messages’ tab, then click Email in the top-left to open the drop down menu and select SMS.

You’ll now find a list of all existing SMS messages or, if there aren’t any, a button prompting you to build your first message.
Your SMS messages page is very similar to the page for email messages. You’ll be able to see:

  • A button to make a new SMS message

  • A list of all of your SMS messages (if you have a any)

  • A button to edit any of the existing messages

  • A button for a drop down menu for each message giving you the option to duplicate, preview or delete each message.


 You can make a new SMS message by clicking the green New SMS message button in the top right, or clicking Edit on an existing message. This will take you to the SMS editor where you will be able to create or update the message.


Before you get started on the content, you’ll want to give your message a valid name and select the SMS Template. The message name needs to be unique and is your internal reference to what this message is and the template defines the sender name and the opt out instructions. All profiles come with a default SMS template, creatively named ‘Default’ which will use a shared long number (in this case 447860030849) and contain generic opt-out text. When the message is sent, the ‘ABCDEFG’ code will update with an auto generated code which is unique to each recipient.


Now that you’ve done that, you’re on to creating the message itself. SMS messages are very easy to create because they use simple plain text. All you need to do is add in the text you want to use to the message editor. The live preview on the right will update in real time, allowing you to see your from name and template copy together with your content, just as it would appear on a smartphone. You can still use text based personalisation in the same way as email, simply type the { character and a list of usable personalisation based on the custom fields you have will pop up.


While you’re going or once you’ve finished, be sure to check the character count of the message. The standard maximum length of an SMS message is around 160 characters (it’s actually a file size limit, but its easier to work with the character count). As you probably know, phones can show a single message longer than 160 characters by joining multiple SMS messages together into one; longer messages will simply count as more SMS-credits.
If you want to send a message which is longer than 160 characters, you can toggle on the Use multi-part messages setting. You can chain together a maximum of 3 SMS messages, so you’ll never use more than 3 SMS credits per contact.


Alternatively, if you want to ensure the message will only use 1 credit per contact, uncheck the box. You’ll see the count of remaining characters decrease and may see that the number now goes negative.


You will not be able to save your message until you are below the correct character count for your choice of either multi-part or non-multi-part. Once you have a valid name and valid message content, you can click Save to save what you have done and continue working on the message or Finish to save and exit the editor.

Custom SMS Templates and Opt Out Keywords

In order for your SMS messages to be aligned with your brand, you may want to use your own custom SMS template. This will allow you to set your own sender name, which can be any collection of non-special characters up to an 11 character limit, and add additional SMS functionality. You can also have an opt out keyword which will replace the process of replying with a uniquely generated opt out code. Instead, someone can send your keyword with instructions such as ‘STOP’ to opt out. If you are interested in purchasing a custom SMS template or opt out keyword, reach out to your account manager using the details at the bottom of this page.