Integrate Your Account With FastStats



Our aim at Pure360 is to integrate with external systems to make the transition of data to and from a fulfilment channel as seamless and simple as possible.

Pure360 integrates with your FastStats system by utilising SOAP and HTTP/S protocols for secure, near real-time communications.

For a one off broadcast, you can use a combination of the Email Broadcasting and Email Responses wizards to upload your list, schedule a broadcast campaign and finally receive responses from your customers back into your FastStats system for further analysis.

For a more comprehensive integration, the FastStats Cascade module will help you co-ordinate and manage multiple direct marketing promotions and handle responses in a reactive manner.

Ultimately, the PeopleStage module within FastStats will allow you to define and implement marketing process flow diagrams that will react to the responses you receive from Pure360 in a timely fashion.

This integration has four core functions:

  • Transfer members of FastStats campaigns directly into your PureResponse account, without the need to export and import data

  • Transfer message data directly into PureResponse from FastStats

  • Schedule campaigns in PureResponse directly from FastStats without the need to leave the platform

  • Transfer recipient activity data generated from your email marketing campaigns back into FastStats

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team.


(old external link Download our installation guide here)