Editing Images

Image editor

Whilst in the Drag & Drop editor, when you double click on an image, which you have added from your image library, you will have the option to “edit” it.


Clicking “edit” will take you to the image editor.


The starting state of the editor will zoom your image to fit the canvas. The crop-window will start with the aspect ratio of 4:3.
The size of image as displayed may not be the final size of the image itself, if your image is larger than the canvas it will look smaller here but the ratio of width and height is the import thing for emails.

  • You can choose to rotate your image 90 degrees left or right.

  • You can zoom in on the image using either the slider or your mouse roller / trackpad pinch zoom etc. once zoomed in you can zoom back out again.

  • You can click/tap and hold over the canvas to drag the image around behind the crop window and position it as required

  • You can choose the aspect ratio from 4:3, 16:9, square or switch to a custom: where you can use the ratio slider to make the crop-window’s rectangle taller and thinner or lower and wider to suit your needs.

  • Once you have the crop-window’s contents set as the image you want to use, just hit “save & close”;

  • The editor with close, taking you back to your email, where your new image will replace the original.


Q: Do I lose my original image when I save my edits?
A: No. the original image remains in the image library and the new one is saved into the same folder.

Q: I’m not not happy with my edit, I need to make a change to the new version, can I?
A: Yes, simply double click it and click edit

Q: I’m not happy with my edit, I want to start again, can I?
A: Yes, double click the image, choose replace, then choose your original image from the image library. Once added into the image block, double click again and choose edit.

Q: I have added an image from a url, not from my image library: Why don’t I see an edit button when I double click it?
A: Only images in the image library can be edited. If you have an external image to edit, you can visit its url in a browser, save it to your desktop, upload it to your image library, then add it into an image block.

Q: Why aspect ratio and not height & width in pixels?
A:  The reason you use aspect ratio for image sizing is to ensure that all images in a row will have the same aspect ratio. This way they will end up with the same height and you will not have to waste time cropping tiny bits off the bottom or sides to line them up. Another advantage is that the final image is always as big as it can be in order to best support 100% width on narrower devices.

Q: I just want to trim a little a little bit off the bottom how to do I do that?
A: Choose the custom aspect ratio, move the ratio slider so that it covers all of the image, then move a little more so it becomes a tiny bit smaller in height, top & bottom; then move the image up to the top to snip off the bottom.
This is fine for single column images, like hero images. Please be aware, that when using a custom aspect ratio on images that will be in a row alongside other images, it will be tough to make them the same height. It is better to stick to the same aspect ratio across the row.