Supply your own HTML

The HTML editor is for those of you who have your own HTML code to use for your messages and it comes complete with a code editor with live preview and a wysiwyg Visual editor.

To begin, go to messages, click new email message and choose a “HTML code editor” to enter the message flow.

Fill out step 1: Message name, subject line(s), choose if you want an unsubscribe link included automatically etc. then hit ‘next’ to get to the editor itself.

Copy and paste your HTML into the code view on the right. You will then see the live preview on the left.
Any changes you make to the code in the HTML view will automatically update in the preview.
The code editor has line numbers and conventional HTML tag highlighting.


You also have some extra tools in the right hand side bar, each icon will tell you what it is when you hover:

  • The image library allows you to upload images and copy its url to paste in as your image source.

  • Preview gives you a live example of how your html is going to render on both a mobile device and on a desktop.
    There is also an option to send a test email to yourself.

  • The snippet manager allows you to get at useful html code and text snippets for your messages, like the view online link and unsubscribe link.

  • Editor Toggle will toggle your editor mode between the HTML code editor and its visual editor overlay.

The visual editor is an easy to use wysiwyg editor for those of you with an externally built template that you want to modify each time but you do not know HTML. It has all of the usual tools in the toolbar at the top. You can switch back to the code editor at any time with the same button. The icon will be different depending on which mode you are in.


Once you’re happy with your HTML, select the next button at the foot of the screen.

The final page of the flow, is where you add and personalisation fallback values in case a record has not got a value for a personalisation field you have used in your message.

It is also where you test your message:

  1. A content spam checker

  2. Test test emails to multiple people

  3. Run an inbox inspection