Send Campaigns In Another Language

Your messages can be sent in many languages but it is important that you ensure the optout experience is consistent with it.

The language setting on your message will control the language of the automatically added unsubscribe link (if you enable it) and the language of the unsubscribe pages your receiving contacts will get if they chose to unsubscribe.

If you use more than one language in one profile, you will be able to choose from a menu in step one of the message editor flow.
Your profile’s default language will be selected when you make a new message.
If your content for a message is different from the default, it is important that you change the language to match the content.



On the messages page, you will be able to see the language of each message in the details beneath the message name.



Q: How can I add new languages?
A: Contact your account manager. It maybe that simply adding a new language to the profile is not the best course of action for your strategy, there may also be considerations around preference centres and brand landing pages. It is best to have a chat.

Q: How can I change my profile default language?
A: Ask your account manager, it is best done through the support option in your account’s profile menu.

Q: Which languages are available?
A: Currently only English and French are available, as the only two in demand. We have another 10 we are in the process of adding. The order of these is based on demand from user feedback. If you have a requirement, please let your account manager know.

Q: Why do I need to translate my unsubscribe process?
A: When sending marketing emails, it is a legal requirement to provide an unsubscribe method.
From one point of view, if the language of the unsubscribe instructions are not in a language that can be read by the receiving contact, it might as well not be there. Subsequently it is best practice to ensure the language of the content carries through to unsubscribe experience. Additionally if someone cannot unsubscribe they are likely to hit spam and harm your deliverability.

Q: Why can’t I let just let my browser translate the unsubscribe pages and avoid having to manage language settings?
A: The important factor is where you use the automatically added unsubscribe link in the emails. That must be set per message, pre-send, so that the unsubscribe link is in the same language as your content when it gets to the inbox and it’s click takes your contact to an unsubscribe form also in the correct language. It is also not optimal recipient experience to force them to rely on a browser to translate an optout form.