Resend Your Email To Non Openers


Questions this guide will answer:


  • How can I resend my email to people who didn’t open it?

  • Is it a good idea to do a resend campaign?

A really handy way of ensuring as many people as possible see your emails is to set up a resend to everyone that didn’t open the campaign when it was first sent.


When you’re scheduling your campaign, as usual, go to campaigns and then select new email campaign.


First you need to select your message, then the list you’re going to send to. Then on the options page , you’ll see a section called resend to non-opens.




Here, select enable for increased message visibility, and then you’ll get the option to select when you would like to schedule your resend for. It’ll be worth leaving it at least a few days before the resend starts, as you’ll want to give people the chance to see it before sending them another one.

You can also select the subject line you want to send it with- we’d recommend using a different one to the one on the first send, as there was probably something about it that didn’t engage with people that made them not want to open it.

Once its all set up, schedule your campaign as normal, and then later, your Pure360 account will look to see who’s not opened it yet, and they’ll get sent a the follow up email.

If you have sent your campaign without scheduling a resend, you can do this within the reporting after a campaign has been sent.

Go to your report and select your campaign. Click the Open tab, scroll down and you will see this:


Click Create resend and then you can schedule your resend as normal.


 Sending a resend campaign give your subscribers a second chance to see your email and therefore, a second chance to drive them to your website.


We recommend sending to engaged groups only rather than your entire list. This is so that you are contacting people who are interacting with your emails and are going to be the people most likely to engage with your brand on your website (eg, buy something, sign up to an event etc).

If you want to look at segmenting your data, see this guide for more help.

Note: It is unlikely you will get similar level of interactions on your resend campaigns that you would your original campaigns. This is because you’re sending to a group of less engaged recipients. This is because your most engaged group have already opened your email.


Edit a Resend

If you need edit a scheduled resend from the campaigns page...

Delete it and reschedule it.

OR if the parent campaign has gone out, then you can successfully edit the resend from the opens tab of the parent report.