Can I personalise my unsubscribe link?

Pure360 offers a built-in unsubscribe option by default, which will generate a unique unsubscribe link for each email that gets sent through our platform. This then lets Pure360 take care of the unsubscribes for you, so if someone opts out from a profile they can't receive emails from you again unless they specifically sign up through a Pure360 signup form again.

using The Default Unsubscribe Link Within An Email

If you'd rather place the unsubscribe link within the email rather than letting Pure360 append it onto the end of the link follow the instructions below.

In the message settings page > Content options choose 'No, I will add my own' > Read and accept the unsubscribe removal popup.


Decide where you'd like the unsubscribe link to be placed e.g. behind a button or in the footer. Then use the below URL as the link:


This can also be generated by using the snippets drop-down within the text editor. When the email is sent/ processed the link will be built. This means the link will not work as in a test send, only a live campaign.

To place this behind a button double click on the button and set the URL as the link above:


To set a string of text to act as the unsubscribe link highlight the text and add a link and use the URL above:


We would strongly recommend testing this link by sending yourself a live campaign.

Using my own link (external)

Some customers however elect to use their own bespoke unsubscribe link, for example that automatically updates another system where their data is originally stored outside of Pure360.

If you want to remove the original Pure360 unsubscribe link you can do so on the first page of the message settings, and then add your own as a normal link url.

We would strongly suggest testing your own unsubscribe links thoroughly to ensure they work as expected.