SMS Reports

Questions this guide will answer:

  • How can I view my SMS reports?

  • What information is included in the reports?

Once you have sent an SMS campaign, automation or trigger you will of course want to see how it performed.
SMS reporting does not give the same insights as email reporting because the functionality of SMS messages is different.
For example, there is no way to track interactions like opens and clicks, but you can find information about whether a message was sent and whether it was delivered. You can also see how many people opted out or replied.

 SMS reports can be discovered in the Reports section, as the name suggests. Go to Reports, open the drop down menu in the top right by clicking Email Campaigns, then choose either SMS Campaigns or SMS One to one.


In either case, you will now see a list of all of the reports and some top level stats for each (unless of course you haven’t sent an SMS campaign or one to one yet). You can export all of the top level stats as a csv by clicking the green Export button in the top right; if you have performed a search you will only export the campaigns in the search, otherwise it will export everything. This is an example of the SMS campaigns homepage, but the SMS one to one homepage looks pretty similar:


If you want to see more information about a particular campaign, click the message name to open the report for that campaign.
For more information on what you can expect to see within the different reports, please visit the ‘Further Reading’ tab in this page.

SMS Campaign Reports

The top of the report gives you the main stats and the ability to preview or export all or any of the tracking events which resulted from the campaign.


Next are the full stats for the campaign.


Finally some comparisons to show you the differences between sent v not sent and received & not received.


The subscribers tab gives you access to each contact you scheduled your SMS campaign to. It shows you if it was sent, received and if that contact unsubscribed. You can also search for a specific mobile number.


Generally the only reason a contact would not have been sent to, is if they had previously unsubscribed. You can avoid these by cleaning your list(s) before you schedule your campaign.
There are some edge cases where personalisation could feed in an incompatible character to a specific contact’s message, resulting in that contact not being sent to.

SMS One to One Reports

In the same sub-nav menu from reports, you can access SMS 121 reports.
These are primarily triggers sent via the APIs where more often that not the entire content is supplied at the same, instead of using an existing message.


From here, you can see who was scheduled which message and when; if they were sent it, if they received it and you can preview the message.
Note: 121 message content is not kept for as long as report data. Do not be surprised if old 121s cannot be previewed.