How Do I Send A Trigger To Customers Who Have Viewed/Carted A Particular Category?

To send a trigger only if the person abandoning (or purchasing) has carted/browsed/bought a product in a particular category, you need to add a filter to the trigger program.

The following will send the trigger only if the person has a product in one of the categories specified in their cart (the script uses the category ID rather than the category name, see the Categories report to get this):

var matchingCats = ['cat-id-1','cat-id-2','catID'];result.proceed = false;if (helpers.getProducts() && helpers.getProducts().length) {    for (var i = 0; i < helpers.getProducts().length; i++) {        var product = helpers.getProducts()[i];        if ( {            for (var c = 0; c <; c++) {                if (matchingCats.indexOf([c].catid) !== -1){                    result.proceed = true;                    break;                }            }        }    }}

Note: you will need to check that categories are being collected (you can see this by looking at the categories report, or by clicking through to the product details on the products report).