Overview Of Reporting

Click on reports to view your reports page.

The summary of campaign performance page will give you an overview of the performance of your campaigns over time.

If you want to view specific campaign reports go to the email campaign reports section. There you can click on the message name to view your report. There is a search bar available to help you find reports more easily.


The individual email campaign reports are split in different sections to which you can navigate between using the grey bar.

Overview tab

On this tab you can view your campaign overview. It includes information on the amount of clicks and opens as well as the top device type and geographical location that your email was opened in.

If you’ve used the Subject Line selector the results will be available on this screen.


Replies & forwards banner at the bottom of the Overview tap also in the social tab

Replies which come back to Pure's reply handler, which pure identifies as human replies - which are counted then forwarded onto your profile's forward replies address. When someone uses the very old "send to a friend" form, linked from an email. Very unpopular due to it resulting in an email from a brand going to someone who has not signed up. Replies which come back to Pure's reply handle which are identified as auto replies. which are counted then thrown away.


Opens tab

Here you can view information on how many recipients have opened your email. You are also given insight regarding unique opens and repeat opens.

On this screen you have the option to create a resend to those people who didn’t open your email the first time round.

A graph is available here showing a timeline of the opens and total clicks over time.

If you’ve used multiple subject lines you can view their results here.


Clicks tab

Here you can view what the top links in your campaign are. There is also information on the percentage of recipients that have clicked as well as the numbers on unique vs. repeat clicks.

You are also able to view a graph of the total clicks and total opens over time.

Another useful graph that is available in this section shows the number of recipients that clicked one or more links.

Demographics tab

This tab gives you a breakdown of your opens based on device, location and domain.

The opens by location section shows you a map that you can zoom into by double clicking on an area of the map highlighted in blue.


Social tab

Here you can view how many people have replied to the campaign and how many have forwarded it to a friend. This is also where you can see your social media results if you’ve chosen to use Facebook, Twitter or Bitly links.


Sent & Delivered

The Sent & Delivered tab lets you delve into how many messages from your campaign were sent and delivered as well as give insight into reasons why certain emails haven’t been sent or delivered.



The Subscribers tab allows you to search for specific email addresses. There you can view an overview for any person who was sent the campaign, giving you information on whether they have opened/clicked, what device they were using as well as their location.