Recommendation Blocks

Make your emails stand out from the crowd with product recommendation blocks, which allow you to display real time personalised content in your emails. Features include:

  • Dynamic content for hyper-personalised communications

  • Open-time formatting so that the content and products in your emails can be changed, even after sending

  • Individual, personal recommendations based on browsed and purchased products

  • Crowd source recommendations, such as trending products

  • Product and device-level recommendations, such as new products

  • Count down timers for sales, offers and events

  • Hero images using personalised HTML blogs

  • Utilise real time data without the hassle of big data challenges

To use product recommendations in your emails, you’ll need to upgrade your account to include Personalisation

To add a recommendation block to your email in the Drag & Drop editor, you’ll first need to set up your block.


Edit the message that you want to add the block to.


Select the Recommendation button on the menu bar on the right.


You’ll then see the Recommendation side bar appear with all of the blocks that you’ve set up. Place the block as you normally would, by dragging it into the desired position in your message.


Your Recommendation block is now ready and will update automatically with appropriate products or information when you send your email out (even when a customer re-opens an email at a later date).

You will only be able to drag in recommendation blocks with one row and a maximum of 4 items.