How Do I Prevent Abandonment Emails Sending If Someone Has Purchased Recently?

If someone purchases a product, but subsequently returns to your site and browses a product, or carts something, they could receive an abandonment email (based on the settings in your account and their history). By default, the system will suppress these sends for 24 hours after a purchase (this is configurable under settingssettings home then abandonment settings).

If you wish to specify the time on an individual trigger (without modifying the global figure under settings) you can use the code below (note that the duration you set must be longer than the account setting, so you may need to reduce it).

To prevent a trigger from sending for a specified duration after a purchase, you can use the following code in the Advanced box of the trigger:

result.proceed = true;if (helpers.signalsInRecentMinutes(['t'], 60) > 0) {  result.proceed = false;} 


Note: change 60 to the number of minutes you want to exclude people from being sent the abandonment email.