Make Your Message Modular

As a marketer, you want to be able to create an email as fast and as easily as possible. In recent times, email HTML developers have been constructing frameworks that enable you to quickly and easily (with a touch of HTML know-how) take large sections of your email, move them around, duplicate and remove them as required to create an email that fulfils that campaign’s individual needs.It’s a bit like making a sandwich, in that you are choosing a combination of pre-existing ingredients, in this instance your email ‘modules’.

This modularisation of email frameworks has become the norm. It’s something that we were very aware of when designing the Pure360 Drag & Drop Editor, and it’s a great process that you should follow when designing, building and reusing your email.


Panels are a unique feature within the Pure360 Drag & Drop Editor, and are very powerful. Not only do Panels dictate the visual styling of the content contained within them, but they are the largest movable objects on the canvas.

Taking this idea of modular templates, you should consider how your design can be split into multiple panels.

Thinking with this mindset means that if you do need to move a whole section of content above/below something else, you can simply pick it up and move it, with all of the content contained. Modularisation at it’s finest. In summary, try and keep your Panels short, as it will allow you to reorder your content easily at a later date.


Save them for re-use

Once you have built your message and it is in manageable sized Panels, it would be beneficial to save each of the Panels as a ‘Saved Component’ .

Saved Components allow you to save and reuse any part of your email, from a Panel right down to an individual block. The Saved Component retains all of the styling and any content that you had included upon saving.

Ensuring that your message’s Panels are saved as Saved Components means that no matter whether you have copied an existing message and are simply making some changes, or starting entirely from scratch, you have your pre-built Panels available at your disposal whenever you need them.


Make a Master Template

In the same way as when you buy an email template/framework, you are often provided with many different modules of content that you can use and reuse as required, these may include things like a Header, Footer, Hero Story, Product Features, Testimonials etc.

By spending a little time upfront and making a Master Template, you will have every type of Panel that you will require for your future campaigns.

You should then save these Panels as Saved Components as mentioned previously, but also ensure that you start from this master each time you make a new campaign. You can then simply delete, duplicate and reorder large chunks of content as required.