Searching and Exporting Your Contacts

Searching for users with a specific status

To export all contacts with a certain status, for example all users that have opted out, go to lists then search individual contacts.



Use the drop-down to choose the relevant status, then click search. You will then be given a list of all contacts in that status, and the option to export a list of these users. You don’t need to enter an email address to search by status.



The status of a contact relates to whether the contact can be sent to or not.

  • Opted in can be sent to

  • Opted out has unsubscribed and cannot be sent to

  • Incomplete double opt-in, are contacts who have filled out a sign-up form and been sent the double opt-in email but not clicked the double opt-in link. They will not be sent a campaign but they can receive further double opt-in emails. Also, this status cannot be overridden by a later sign-up via a single opt-in form.

  • Bounced has hard bounced from a previous campaign and cannot be sent to

  • Mobile statuses are carry the same send-ability as email statuses but for SMS records.

Searching for an individual user

Go to lists and search individual contacts, enter the email address and click ‘search’.

Click edit next to the result, and you’ll be taken to a screen with a drop-down to choose between the lists the contact is signed up for. Choose the relevant list  and you will be given the option to delete person from list and see what information you hold on this user across your lists.

Filter by List

If you want to see all contacts within a certain list...

Click the filter lists button


You will be presented with a list of all of your lists to choose from, select the one you want and hit finish.

You can change the statuses and or remove email address string matches or undo the list filter by clicking it again and choosing "All Lists".


Search results on this page can be exported to csv, the button is in the top right of the blue search box.
So for example: if you want to:

  • Export all of the bounced email addresses for that profile
  • Export all of the opted out email addresses for that profile

Simply change the status dropdown to email bounced or email opted out, wait for the new results to appear, then hit Export.



If you want every email address or every mobile contact that has ever been through that profile, choose Any email status or any mobile mobile status and then hit export.
The only contacts you will not get are ones which you have requested to be GDPR deleted.


Export All Optouts in a profile

If you want to find and export all opted out / unsubscribed contacts from a profile

  1. Go to: Lists > Search Individual Contacts:
  2. Leave the lists filter on 'All lists'
  3. Change the status filter to the desired status.
  4. Hit the magnifying glass button if it doesn’t reload automatically.
  5. Then hit export


Worth noting that, whilst rare, it is possible for an email address to be both opted out and hard bounced.

They are separate status levels, so a contact can be opted in but bounced and visa versa.
This is because someone opting in or out, is separate from an email address existing or not.