Clean Your Contact List


When you send campaigns through Pure360, everyone that unsubscribes or hard bounces is suppressed from receiving any more emails from the profile they were emailed from.

Pure360 does not delete those records from the list, we simply won't release an email to them when that list is chosen for a campaign. Those contacts and their custom field values may have additional value to you as members of their list, so we leave it to you to clean them off when you are ready. Until the list is cleaned the total subscribers for the list will include those who are opted out for example and will show in the report as 'not sent' until the list is cleaned.

If you’d ever like to remove all the opted out and bounced contacts from a certain list, click on the settings cog against the list in question, on the lists page...

Then select the clean option.


This is purely to give you a clearer idea of the number of valid records in your contact lists; don’t worry, we’ll never email anyone who’s opted out previously.