Uploading A Contact List

Questions this guide will answer:

  • How Do I upload a contact list?

  • How often should I clean my list?

First go to the lists page and then click on import contacts.


You will now be presented with the list upload page. 


You will need to enter a name for your list. Then you need to choose from one of the options of how you wish to upload your list

File upload
Either drag a file directly from your computer or click on Upload a file
Paste as text
Select either CSV or Excel

If you pick the Paste as text option you will need to click on the upload button.

Once you have loaded your data click next. You will then need to set up your list and map any custom data fields.


Firstly select the contact email address column- this confirms that everything in that column is an email address.

You can then map any columns for personalisation and list segmentation by naming each column of data from your list. If you have used the field before, it will show up in a drop down when you start typing the field name. If you haven’t used the field before and you want to upload a brand new custom field, simply enter the name of the field next to the relevant data.

If you need to upload any date fields, make sure you select the correct date format from the dropdown on the right.


Once you have finished setting up all your fields click next. There you can review the list upload details before finishing the process. If you’re happy with the list upload, you can then add an email address where you would like the notification email to be sent to. Click finish and your list will be uploaded.

Once you have uploaded your list, you will get an email. This email will detail all of the information regarding your upload including duplicates and those who were not uploaded because they are unsubscribed from the profile.

Anyone who is a duplicate will not be uploaded because they are already on the list. This means that the 2 records have merged into one record which ensures you are not sending to the same person twice.

The clean list function will ensure that your list numbers are kept up to date. All recipients who have unsubscribed will still be in your list, just marked as ‘opted out’. By cleaning the list, you remove them from the number of subscribers which gives you a more realistic view on the amount of subscribers in your list. We recommend you clean your list every month or so.