Scheduling Email Campaigns

Schedule your first campaign.

Once you have uploaded a list and created a message you will be able to schedule your first campaign.
You can do this from the dashboard or from Campaigns > Schedule your Campaign


This takes you into the ‘Campaign flow’. This has 3 steps, where you choose your Message, List and Options:

1. Choose your message

Select the message you would like to use for this campaign. You can also search by message name incase the message you want is not on the first page.
Once you have selected a message you will be able to click Next.



2. Choose your Contacts

You can choose one list, multiple lists, one segment, multiple segments or even a combination.
If your message has personalisation, the list of lists to choose from will be automatically filtered to only show lists which contain the personalisation fields in your message.
Once you have selected at least one list or segment, you will be able to click Next.


3. Options

In the 3rd step: Options, you choose the timing and behaviour of your campaign.

  • Start now / Schedule future

    • When you land the campaign will be set to start as soon as you complete the flow. You have the option to choose a date & time in the future.

  • Intelligent Time Sending (ITS)

    • By checking the ITS box you are telling your account to use recent open times from each contact (where present) to pick the best time to send to each contact. 

  • Subject line Tester & Selector

    • If your message has more than one subject line, Subject line Tester will be enabled, this will A-B or Round-robin test your subject lines through the campaign and you will see how each opened in the report. You can switch this to Selector to make your account choose the best subject line during the campaign.

  • Resend to Non-opens

    • By enabling the resend, you can choose a follow up date & time to send the same message to anyone who hasn’t opened the email but with a new subject line.

  • Reply forwarding

    • When you land, the campaign will be set for forward all replies from your contacts to this campaign, to your profile’s default forwarding address. You can change it to forward to your login’s contact address. If you have Dynamic Reply set-up on your profile and your list contains the correct fields, you will be able to choose that too.

  • Limit delivery speed (LDS)

    • If do not want your account to release your campaign as fast as ISPs will accept them, you can enable LDS and provide a number of emails per hour to be released.

  • Recurring campaign options

    • If your campaign is not set with a resend, you will be able to make it recur.
      This is popular for messages containing some kind of dynamic content, like Recommendation Blocks.
      You can make it recur every X days, recur on certain days of the week or recur on certain days of the month.



4. Confirm

Once you are ready to go, you can hit Start now where you will be asked to confirm. The pop-up will summarise your campaign’s settings then you just have to hit start.



5. Pending and cancelling

Once you choose to start the campaign, you will be taken back to the campaigns page where you will see your pending campaign.
From there you will be able to preview the message, edit the campaign or cancel it.



Once it gets to the time for the campaign to start, the label will change from pending to processing.
Once some emails have been sent, you will see the campaign in your reports.
Once the campaign has finished sending it will vanish from the Campaigns screen.