Date Based Automations

Date-based automations are a great way to save time and resource by scheduling campaigns which can run automatically. By using custom data in your contact lists, such as dates of birth or last purchased date, you can send your marketing emails just at the time when people will be most likely to open, click and convert – meaning maximum engagement for very little effort.

Scenarios where automations can save time and improve results include:

  • Anniversary reminders

  • Renewal reminders

  • Follow-up messages to welcome messages, e.g. to warn that a new subscriber discount code is about to expire

  • Birthday promotions/discounts

  • Discounts/incentives for subscribers who have not clicked-through from an email for a long time

  • A countdown, e.g. to Christmas or Valentine’s Day

  • Reminders for those who’ve bought tickets to (or expressed interest in) an event

  • Request for product reviews

Create and upload your list

If you haven't done so already, start by uploading a list which has a custom field for every date you may want to base the automation on.

Create the automation rule

Choose Automations from the top menu bar > The drop down next to Journeys > Automations > Then select new automation.

Screenshot 2023-09-21 121439.png


Choose a name for your automation. This is only for internal use within the platform. Then select based on a date, and hit the next button.



Chose the list that you’d like the automation linked to. You can only choose one list for it to search in for recipients to send to. Then select the next button.



You’ll then need to choose a message to send, and also create some rules that determine when the email gets sent to people. Select the create new rule button, and you’ll first be asked to select the message you want to send. Then choose next.


Here you’re able to select all of the rules that control when the email you selected gets sent to recipients.


You’ll need to choose a date field for it to run against first.


Then chose how long before or after the date field you’ve selected you want the email to be triggered.

Then hit next again, and you’ll be able to add any additional filter criteria to allow you to target the email even further.


Select finish, and on the next screen, you’ll be able to activate the automation rule.