Why do campaigns not always go out at their scheduled time?

When you send a campaign using Pure360 we first need to process the send which includes adding in the tracking image and masking the links so we can report on the number of clicks etc. This process can take a few minutes so you might not always receive the email at the exact time you scheduled the email for. After the campaign has finished processing and is sent it's then down to the ESP (Gmail, Outlook etc) to deliver the email to the recipient's inbox. Sometimes they might hold an email back for a certain period of time to check it's safe.

Why have a received my campaign more than a few minutes after my scheduled send time?

You might have enabled "Limit Delivery Speed" which will cause the email to be sent over a longer period of time. If multiple subject lines are used and you use the selector option for testing these this will also cause the campaign to take a few hours to finish sending to everyone as the system needs to determine which subject line is best to use. Another option available in the platform is Intelligent Timed Sending, this will cause the campaign to take up to 24 hours to send to everyone as it tries to pick the most suitable time for an individual to open the email.

Sometimes if multiple customers are sending a campaign at the same time as you there might be a delay in processing your campaign. If you're not using any of the options mentioned above and the campaign still arrived late please get in touch with your account manager who will be able to investigate further.