How is a login different to an account

Here at Pure360 we have specific terms used internally to categorise different aspects of the setup we do for our Customers.

In short, a login is used to access profiles within your account. It can have access to one or more profiles.

An account is the highest level of the hierarchy - accounts contain profiles and logins and the pool of credits used by all profiles in that account.

What we refer to as an 'account' is the name we use to create your access to our system. The account name is usually your Company Name.

Under your Account you have Profiles - these are the different environments from which you send your email communications. Generally a brand has one main Profile from which they send email marketing but some businesses have multiple profiles created under their account - an example for that is if they have different brands under the same company that cannot share the same setup, branding and contact lists.

Logins are the credentials of the individual users that are used to access the Profiles in order to create, edit and send email campaigns out.

The logins are individually created and are used to access the Pure360 Platform.

Logins can be used by an individual and are not to be shared by a team depending on your needs.

All logins are created using a name and email address for verification purposes.

Also logins can be given different access levels to the profiles based on the needs of the Company.