What is a profile?

Your Account will be the overall Company name that we associate your invoice information to. When you log in to the user interface to view Messages and Lists, you will be logging in to one of your profiles. Think of the account as the umbrella company with your profiles as sub-companies or departments.

You may also have branches or stores around the country where customers will need to be kept separate. If you have different brands under an umbrella company, you’ll also need a separate profile for each. This way the relevant branding such as the From Address and From Name for each sub-brand can be held in separate profiles. Each profile is effectively a different instance of the platform therefore all data is seperate, only the number of credits are shared between profiles.

An unsubscribe will typically happen at the profile level so you may wish to separate out your activity. For example, customers who receive transactional emails for receipts or order confirmations may wish to opt themselves out of Marketing emails so it’s best to have one profile for each.