What is a segment?

Segments allow you to divide your contact lists into segments and target these addresses separately. To create a segment follow the step by step guide below. 

Create a Segment

In the lists section find the list you would like to segment.

In the lists options click on the Segment button to create a new segment.

Give the new segment a name, and you can begin adding in search criteria.

  • The first dropdown chose a field dictates what field you’re searching in.

  • The second dropdown chose a condition controls the type of search, eg match all criteriais emptyis one of etc.

  • The final dropdown enter a value to match on is the word, phrase or number that you’re searching for.

 Useful information

  • You can add additional conditions to segments to narrow down your search using more parameters. Click the add another condition button to do so.

  • When using two or more criteria, you can set the Conditions to either match ALL conditions or match ANY conditions. This allows you to switch between looking for records that either match every row of search criteria you’ve added, or just one of them.

  • If you add additional records to your contact list, any segments will automatically update accordingly with any new matching records.