Upgrading A Message

Questions this guide will answer:

  • Why can’t I edit my messages anymore?

  • What does the word ‘Upgrade’ next to my message mean?

Some of you, who have migrated from the previous version of the Pure360 Platform, may find that you cannot use certain messages in your profile(s) and you are offered the option to ‘Upgrade’ the message.
This upgrade alters the formats of certain characters to ensure consistent rendering. It will only apply to older messages made in previous versions of the Pure360 Platform
Important note: Any live campaign, recurring campaign, automation etc. which is using an old message will continue to work without issue. You simply cannot edit, duplicate or use them in new campaigns.If you go to your messages tab, you may see that some of your messages are locked and have an Upgrade button like this:


The upgrade process is identical to the duplicate message process. Simply hit the Upgrade button, give it a new name and hit OK.


A new upgraded version of your message will appear at the top of your message index, ready for you to check over and test, just like you would a new message from scratch.


Tip: Do not delete the original message until you have validated and tested the new upgraded version. Whilst we do not anticipate any problems, you should, for your own peace of mind and confidence, test the message as if it were a brand new email.The Upgrade tool converts ISO encoded messages into UTF-8 encoded ones to allow for better and more consistent rendering across all major email clients.
The extensive testing we have performed leaves us confident that the upgrades will be flawless and we had a 100% pass rate in all English emails.
We found some rare cases where certain characters, in certain languages, did not render perfectly. Primarily where older emails in eastern european languages, included characters that do not exist in those languages: in order to make them render, the HTML character code is stored instead of the character itself. After the upgrade, the HTML character code remains in its raw form and is not rendered. You can easily replace these manually in the editor, after the upgrade; then you can continue with increased confidence that today’s inboxes will render it without issue.