Send A Test Email

Drag and drop editor

Sending a test email is easy, you can do this within the message editor or the preview window.

To do this within the editor, select a message from the message section by pressing the 'edit' button on the right hand side of it.

This will bring you into the editor, if you have not already done so, build your message, otherwise if it's a message that has already been created you can use the buttons in the bottom right hand corner of the window to move along the process and go to the 'Testing' section.

Within this you can add email addresses in a list, pressing enter after each one.

By ticking the box 'send a copy to me', this will send a test version of the email to the email address associated with the login alongside any addresses that have been entered into the text field area.

When happy you can click the 'send test email' and the email addresses used will receive one shortly after.


Preview window


You can send a test email from the preview window. To access the preview window, from the message list, click the downwards arrow button next to 'edit' which will provide you with a drop down list of options. Select 'Preview' and this will open up a new window as seen below.


Within this window you can view the email message on a mobile, desktop or see the plain text version. To send a test message to the email address associated with the account currently logged in, click the 'send to me' button in the top right hand corner.

Store default test email addresses


You can store multiple test addresses to save you time writing them out. To do this, click the login name in the top right hand corner, this will provide you with a menu. Select 'Manage profile' within the menu.

On the new page that appears, halfway day you should see 'profile default test email addresses', in this you can write out the test email addresses that you frequently use and then select 'save' to confirm.