How Campaign Revenue Is Calculated

What is Campaign Revenue?

The Pure360 Campaign Revenue dashboard is designed to show you how much revenue is generated by your email campaigns. This gives you an idea of how successful a campaign is by revenue, as well as traditional metrics like opens and clicks.

The campaign revenue data is updated when your Analytics dashboard is refreshed. If you are unsure of the frequency please contact your Account Manager.

How can you use Campaign Revenue?

You can use it to see how successful your campaigns have been and use this to identify improvements. 

How is revenue attributed to campaigns?

We attribute revenue against anyone who has purchased within 24hrs of receiving an email campaign.


What are campaign types

There are 5 different types of campaign which are shown on the dashboard. You can select one of more of these to be displayed in the dashboard. By default all 5 types of campaigns are shown. Use the campaign type button to change this. They are:

  1. Campaigns – bulk campaigns that you send e.g. weekly newsletters

  2. One-to-ones – messages to a single recipient sent via the API e.g. transactional email or abandon basket emails

  3. Journeys – Emails sent as part of an automated message series set up in our new journeys feature. e.g. welcome series

  4. Sign up Automations – welcome and double opt in emails set up when someone signs up to your list e.g. welcome emails

  5. Date Automations – emails sent using our traditional date automations feature 

How do I use the Campaign Revenue Dashboard

At the top of the page the headline numbers show the revenue generated across all selected campaign types for the time period selected.

The graph shows the total revenue attributed by month.

The table shows all deliveries that have been selected in the selected time period and for the selected campaign types.

You can change the period of the data shown using the date controls. You can select a maximum of 12 months data to be shown at once. If you select a month that has not yet ended the deliveries that have been sent out so far will be shown.

Can I see how my automated journeys with multiple messages in are performing?

If you export the data from the table you will see the column header ‘automation name’. Use this and the ‘message name’ column to create a pivot table in Google Sheets or Excel. You will be able to view the performance of each automation and the messages in it for the selected time period. 

For help on this contact your Account Manager.

Will the data in this dashboard match my data in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a highly customizable tool with many ways to set up attribution models. 

Our attribution model is time-based. It is designed to show the maximum impact of your email campaigns. This includes passive and indirect attribution, giving you a total picture of the full impact of your campaign.

Any sale attributed will be at the full basket value at the time of purchase.