Synchronise New PurePromotions Subscribers To PureCampaign

Once a campaign is running with new subscribers from the PurePromotions app, it is possible to synchronise any new email addresses back to a contact list in PureCampaign. Optionally, answers collected via an entry form can also be synced to PureCampaign, allowing you to segment based upon your subscribers choices, for example newsletter subscription answers to how often they’d like to be contacted, or their favourite product.

The Customer Insights section provides a listing of all subscribers and is where we shall create the synchronization.

Customer insights

From the menu on the left, click Customer Insights (see the icon with the red rectangle below).



Now select Sync with your PureCampaign account on the right.


Connect to a Pure360 profile, select the contact list and fields. Next select the contact list you’d like synchronised and select save.

If this page asks for login credentials, please either enter your system login username and password, or get in touch with our team for more information.

Custom fields (optional)

Custom fields allow answers from an entry form in PurePromotions to be mapped to an associated custom field in PureCampaign.

Newsletter Custom Fields


Campaign Form Fields


Add field