Emojis In Subject Lines

Emojis can easily be added into the subject line for your next Pure360 campaign.

Please note that the display of an emoji does depend on the email client opening your email – test before sending.

Choose your emoji from a reputed source

Below are some examples of websites that you can copy emojis from.

You can highlight the emoji that you want from one of the websites mentioned above and paste it into the text field. There are other websites available but make sure you test by sending a test send to ensure what you want to see is what you get.


Now go your Pure360 account and navigate to the Messages section. Create a New Email or Edit an existing one. 

Next scroll down to the Subject line textbox.  Paste in the Emoji that is copied.  Repeat for any additional emojis.   Make sure to save the message.

Schedule a campaign to ensure the subject line is rendering as intended.  Open the email with various email clients.