Using your image library to host your images

Image Library

To use images in your emails they’ll need to be hosted somewhere online. You’re welcome to use the images hosted on your website or anywhere else, but to make things simpler we give you some storage space called the upload library that allows you to access these easily from within your account.

You can add images either through the 'Image Library' button at the top of the message page within the platform (see below image) or within the message that is being created.


You can also copy the image URL from an image in the image library by accessing the image library on the message page.


Drag and drop email editor

To upload images to the image library from within the drag and drop editor, please see the below image.


You will first want to select the menu item from the right hand side of the editor, hovering over the icon should provide you with a tooltip which says "Image Library".

After selecting this a new window will appear, in this window you will upload your images.

Select "Upload image" at the top and it will provide you with the standard explorer window for you to select your image from it's location which will upload the image and allow you to use it in a message.

You can also drag images into the window within the platform and it will also upload the image.

There is also the option to add folders to the library to better organise the images uploaded there.