Suppression Files & Opting Recipients Out

  • How can I opt out recipients?

  • What happens when I upload an opt out list?

Sometimes you may need to upload a list of records which you want to suppress from ever being sent to from your profile.

There is an easy way of doing this: we call it an __OPTOUT__ list.

This is uploaded in the same way as any other list, except the name of the list tells the Pure360 system that you need all addresses on the list to be unsubscribed.


Uploading your Suppression List

All you need to do is put all relevant addresses in a list and upload it with careful attention to the list name in the Pure360 system.

This list needs to be named __OPTOUT__

  • Note that there are two underscores either side and that the letters are in capitals.

  • Do not add any extra letters or characters, the list name must match exactly.

  • Don’t use the list append or add record functionality as this will not work, it must be a brand new list.

  • Pure360 recommends that you delete the list immediately after confirming that it has worked using this process.

Once the list is uploaded, the records will be flagged as suppressed and you should delete the list. The act of uploading the list is when the records are changed – the list does not need to remain in the system.

Future deliveries from that profile will not send to these records.


How can I confirm the records have been unsubscribed?

Go to lists then search individual contacts. Copy an address from the __OPTOUT__ list and search for it. It should come up with status opted out.

Do I need to use my __OPTOUT__ list at the point of sending a campaign?

No. Everyone will have been suppressed when the list was uploaded. Even when the addresses still appear on other lists, they won’t be sent to. When you look at your reports, you’ll see all of these records in the ‘not sent’ part of the report – they’ll show as ‘previously unsubscribed’.

How many __OPTOUT__ lists can I have in one profile?

You can only have one at a time. As it’s the act of uploading a list that suppresses the files, you can delete the list as soon as it’s on the profile.

Why do opted‐out contacts stay on other lists?

This is simply for your data management – it lets you keep track of recipient behavior and engagement. Anyone on a list who is opted out will be suppressed and will appear in the ‘not sent’ part of each campaign report. You can clean the list at any time to remove opted out and hard‐bounced contacts (see below for how).

Cleaning Lists

For the reasons outlined above, opted out (and hard‐bounced) contacts stay on the lists but won’t be sent to. If you would like to remove them from the lists altogether, simply use the ‘clean’ button in the list settings and confirm on the next screen that they will be removed from the list. They’ll still be suppressed on other lists and future lists uploaded to the profile. Note that you will lose any custom field data associated with those contacts on that list.