Scheduling SMS Campaigns

Questions covered

  • How do I schedule an SMS campaign?

  • How many SMS credits will my SMS campaign use?

  • How can I delete a campaign I have scheduled for the future?

Once you have uploaded your list and created your SMS message, you’ll need to schedule an SMS campaign in order to broadcast your message.
SMS campaign scheduling is almost exactly the same as email campaign scheduling, except there are some bits of functionality that can only work with email.
You will need enough SMS credits to send a campaign and these are separate from email credits. You can check your SMS credit balance by opening the ‘Profile menu’ in the top right; it’s the number under the speech bubble.


There is also a lot of API SMS functionality where you can push SMS notifications or journey steps through your account, using messages you have created or creating new ones on the fly. This is not covered in this guide, but please do reach out to your account manager using the details in the footer of this page if you want to explore the options available for this.Once you have your list of SMS contacts and an SMS message, you can send an SMS campaign.
Go to Campaigns in the top-nav and hit New SMS campaign


This will take you into the SMS campaign flow.
Choose Message
The first thing is to choose a message. If the message you want is not on the first page, you can flick through each page or search by message name. Once you have found your message, select it and click Next.


You will see that the lower info-bar tells you how many characters your message has and how many SMS credits this message will use per contact; this gives you an idea of how many credits your campaign will use up, especially if you have multi-part enabled. Just multiply the number of credits per contact by the number of contacts you are sending the campaign to.
It is also worth being aware that if you have personalisation in the message, only the characters for the custom field tag are counted. Each contact in the list(s) you schedule to could have more or less characters, which could result in more or even less credits being used, that cannot be counted here.
Once you have the message selected you can hit Next to choose contacts…
Choose contacts
You will now see the page(s) of all of the lists and their segments, you can choose one list or segment or more than one combination of lists and or segments. You can also search for a specific list. If the list or segment you want to send to is missing here, but is present in the “Lists” tab, then you likely have a personalisation mismatch.


Bear in mind, the previous step told you how many credits per contact your selected message would likely use, you can balance that with your selected list/filter’s contact count to make sure you have enough credits.
It is a good idea to clean your list before you enter the campaign flow, that way you will know that the record counts here are accurate. Also, if you happen to have a mix of email and SMS records in the same list, you will be wise to create distinct email and SMS segments, to ensure you have accurate record counts for each record type.
Once you have chosen the list(s) you want to send to, you can hit next.
Select Options
The final step is to set when it should go out, with the option of sending it slowly if you feel the need


Once everything is set, hit the green Start, check the final confirm window and you’re off!

Deleting A Campaign That’s Been Scheduled

To cancel a particular campaign please click on campaign button the main task bar.


On this screen you can view all pending campaigns. You can delete a specific pending campaign by clicking on the dropdown by the edit button and selecting Delete.

Sending To Multiple Contact Lists Or Segments

If you send a single campaign to multiple lists or segments, the system will automatically de-duplicate based on the mobile number so that each recipient receives no more than one email. If, however, you were to send separate campaigns to the lists or segments then no de-duplication would occur.
It may also be worth noting that it is not possible to have duplicate entries within the same list, but it is possible to have entries appearing in multiple segments of that list if they matched a number of different sets of conditions.